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We imagine the future, we create solutions

Even in 1989, at SAS we were pioneers in the application of the concept of sustainability in the agricultural sector.

For this reason, we have prioritised our efforts towards gaining knowledge and resources to move forward in the research, development and sale of high-efficiency nutritional and bio-stimulant solutions that help to improve profitability and the quality of all types of crops.


We have been creating efficient nutritional solutions for 34 years


185 product references


We sell to over 90 countries


120 people who make up SAS


More than 10000 manufactured and distributed Tm.


Our facilities are in excess of 40,000 m2


We have been creating efficient nutritional solutions for 31 years


178 product references


We sell to over 84 countries


111 people who make up SAS


More than 10000 manufactured and distributed Tm.


Our facilities are in excess of 40,000 m2

The company

Since we started in 1989, our aim has been to achieve responsible agricultural development through high-quality and effective nutritional and bio stimulant solutions capable of meeting the needs of agriculture. During this time, we have been constantly expanding thanks to the trust placed in us by our customers that share our values: quality and innovation of our products, a professional attitude and sustainability.

Currently, SAS is a global company, with subsidiaries in Mexico and Brazil, that along with a network of collaborators throughout different continents working together to offer sustainable solutions for agricultural development on a world level.


Ethics and Conduct


Our roots can be found in Spain in the heart of one of the most technological agricultural highly performing areas in southern Europe and the rest of the world.

Located in a natural habitat along with excellent communications, our facilities, that is always growing, have at their disposal the latest technological advances in automation and traceability in order to be able to serve our customers as quickly as possible; they are also designed taking into account the strictest environmental, safety and energy efficiency criterion, complying with ISO Quality, Environmental and Worker Safety regulations throughout every level of the company.

The best team

More than 100 professional staff and collaborators with 20 different nationalities share our objective, helping our customers to be successful.

Personal development, continuous training and commitment to a job well done turns us into an excellent team. They are the real engine behind SAS.

Integrated Management System

Designed to provide continuous improvement, it ensures our products reach the high standards required by our customers, as well as a total respect for the environment as well as our social responsibility.

Our integrated system includes an evaluation of suppliers, inspection and analysis of all raw material batches, and of all batches delivered to customers.

CSR and certifications

At SAS all our production covers the markets needs with complete traceability from receipt of raw materials up to delivery of the final product to the end customer.

We control our emissions, our consumption of natural resources and energy to be ever more efficient as well as having the smallest impact possible on the environment.
The environmental objectives are managed and evaluated annually to ensure they are met.


Of the energy consumed is generated by the photovoltaic plant.


Of the waste generated is recycled by approved waste management companies.

SAS is ISO 9001 quality certified, as well as ISO 14001 environmental, OHSAS 18000 health and safety in the workplace, SGE21 Corporate Social Responsibility and RD 506/2013 Manufacture and sale of Fertilisers certificate.