SAS General Manager interviewed by CEPYME

SAS has been selected as one of the CEPYME500 companies, an initiative that promotes and brings together the 500 leading Spanish companies in business growth; for this reason the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises has interviewed our General Manager, Mr Eduard Vallverdú.

CEPYME500 selects the companies with the highest business growth, both for their results, profitability and sustained growth, and for their ability to generate benefit, employment, commitment to innovation and international projection.

Mr Vallverdú has justified the success of SAS in its ability to adapt to new environments: agricultural, technological, etc. and in the focus on our main pillars: quality, sustainability and people, since we have a young and powerful professional team that works closely with our partners in more than 80 countries. The fact of having an external recognition is an incentive to continue working in this line.

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